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Domain names are very important because it is the link your website visitors use in getting to your website. They are unique. Buy a domain and no other person can register it unless you intend on selling it.

NewdayHost understands your need to register a domain name you will be proud of, after all "a good name is better than riches". We will help you carry out domain name search and buy domain(s) that will help propagate your business or organizations idea. We offer "1 Year Free domain name registration services" if we design and host your website. The Free domain name offer applies to .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info and .biz name extensions.

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You might wonder, what are the differences between the domain name extensions? Well, you might know some of the top level domains as Gov[ernment], Edu[cation], Com[mercial], Mil[itary], Org[anisations], Net[work], Int[ernational] and others, but these days, the margin of difference are getting very smaller because search engines no longer discriminate between a .com, .org or .net name address. But you might want to note that people generally assume that all website addresses ends with a .com name extension, this has made the .com domain name the most popular domain extension. So, it is advisable if you are not a known brand, to tag along with what is already popular and buy a .com domain name extension. It is very important to clarify that a .com domain name is not the same as a .org or other domain name extensions. For example is not the same as They may be different companies that operate in different regions of the world or it could be the same company that has decided to register all domain extensions associated with its name.

If you are a web designer wanting to register your domain name without taking up our web design services. Then, for as low as N6,000 ($15 @N400) and a hosting account of your choice, you can buy a domain name and a web hosting plan from us. Your domain name is instantly registered once payment is confirmed and a hosting created. Please call +2348168140663 or contact us to register your domain name. Please read our terms and conditions.