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Web Design
Web Design Training


Web Design Training

It is no longer news that skill aquisition helps alleviate poverty. At NewdayHost we give you every resource you need to be the next best Web Designer in town. We do not only teach you how to design Web Pages but also how to make money from your website because lets face it, nobody wants to venture into anything that does not yield profit (financially at least). How do we alleviate poverty without money?

We offer tutorial that suits you perfectly as we work with you based on your speed of learning to ensure you get maximum result for the money paid to us. At the end what matters most to us is impacting you with the right knowledge because we believe in the popular rendering that goes thus  " Knowledge is potential power , it becomes power when acted upon."  Acting on this knowledge will affect millions of life and our pride is in being a part of it.

Our price is affordable too, with N30,000 you can take a bold step towards creating wealth for yourself.

NB: Our prices may change when rendering house service, this is due to distance and/or additional expenses. Thanks